Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brownie 2A

I met a couple friends for lunch at the Time-Life building for lunch on Friday. We had a great time discussing photography and enjoyed looking at some of the old Time-Life photographs in the lunch room. On my way home from lunch, I decided to stop by a local thrift store, Astoria's Second Best Thrift Store. I hadn't been in there for several months and enjoyed wandering through the newly organized store. I had made my way to the second half of the store when I stumbled upon two Kodak Brownie cameras.

I played with both of them for a few minutes and decided to see how much they would want for both cameras. I walked out of the store with two Brownies for a total of $6. There are a few small pieces that will need to be replaced, but both cameras are in great condition. I also found out that B&H still sells the film for these cameras. I will hopefully be able to take some pictures with the Brownies in the next few week and will post them as soon as possible.

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