Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interview I

Yesterday, Dennis and I had our first of many interviews with David Del Tredici.  I have to say upfront that David's apartment is beautiful.  The walls are covered with wonderful art that he's collected over the years.  I'm not going to give away too much about this project right now, but I will say that we are working towards something big.  I came along to the interview primarily to take pictures, but ended up being very involved with David's interview.  I felt that David was very easy to talk to and very honest about his life.  I ended up taking something like 10 pictures because I became so engrossed in his story that I just put down my camera.  I appreciate Dennis for first, allowing me to come along, and second, for allowing me to help with the interview.

I cannot wait to see where this project takes us.  More to come...

Friday, February 20, 2009


One of the first pictures I took that got me interested into photography

I'm in a strange mood today- kind of contemplative, a little withdrawn, and becoming more reminiscent.  I blame a majority of this mood on the weather.  We were starting to have nice days with temperatures moving into the 40s and 50s, when SMACK, we are hit with wind that makes it feel like it is 3 degrees outside.  I really don't mind cold temperatures and I actually like winter, but I do not like being caught off guard by the weather and going from beautiful temperatures to below freezing.  I'm hoping that this is our last cold front before spring starts to emerge.  

I am quickly moving forward with both my photography and career in social work.  I might have a few upcoming (paying!) photography gigs and I'm starting to think ahead to my next internship in the fall.  So, all and all, life is good, really good.  But every now and again I get in these moods that are really hard to shake.  They don't last long, but they always get me thinking.  Thinking about where I am, but mostly thinking about the past.  I'm hoping that I can start to use these moods to my creative advantage, I just have to figure out a way to do this.

Sometimes you have to look to the past before you can move forward.  


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You've got to love getting an email from Darth Vader.  I guess I've gone to the dark side....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Two words: Comic Con

I am not ashamed to say that I spent a majority of the weekend at Comic Con.  I didn't really have any idea what it was all about until I showed up Saturday afternoon.  The event sounded like it would make some good photos, so out I went.  I had such a great time that I went back again on Sunday.  I was lucky enough to score a free ticket into the show Sunday afternoon.  This was pretty sweet since I wanted to go in, but wasn't planning on buying a ticket because they were $40.  I wandered around for quite awhile, mostly just people watching.  There was a great energy at the event, it was hard not to have fun.  My only regret is that I didn't talk to many people.  I was a little reserved, because I was new to this environment and felt out of place.  Next time, I will definitely talk to more people.

On another note, I've been a huge slacker with my blog.  I plan on trying to post regularly again.  Check back soon for more updates.  For now, I leave you with a few pictures from Comic Con 2009.  Enjoy!