Monday, October 6, 2008

We'd love to use your picture...for free.

Two different websites approached me this week and asked to use the picture above.  My first reaction was excitement.  I was happy that people wanted to use my pictures, I was flattered by the nice things they said, and I felt as if I might be moving past the amateur stage.

I emailed both individuals to discuss compensation and received the same response: they were not able to give any compensation, but would give photo credit.  Now, here's the tough part: do I let them use my picture with my name and hope that I draw some attention to myself or do I hold out for some sort of compensation?  I turned down the first website, and was happy I did after I saw the pictures they used in their article.  The pictures were not bad, but they obviously all came from Flickr and used them for free.  

As for as the second website, I haven't decided what to tell them yet.  The website looks more credible, but overall lacks pictures.  I am leaning towards telling them no and here's why:

-I took the picture with intent.  I knew I only had a few days to get the picture and sure enough, the Lehman Brother's sign was gone before the weekend was over.

-I now have one of very few pictures with the Lehman Brothers and Barclay Capital sign

Last, and I believe most important:

-I do not feel that I need to let people use my pictures for free.  I'm not asking for a large compensation, maybe only a few bucks, but I feel that I would be devaluing my pictures if I was to start letting people use them for free.

That's all I have for now.  I would love some feedback/options/discussion on this subject.  Please feel free to share your own stories. 


Bekah said...

I say stick it to them. You're worth the compensation. :)

Stephen Power said...

I've written about working for free on my on Blog. Sometimes it pays and sometimes it doesn't. Usually it's a good idea only when you can negotiate some paid usage (or work) alongside and at the same time as the freebie - otherwise people just take what you give them and never come back!