Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, Old Connections

It’s a new year and I almost feel cliché writing this reflective post, however, this post is less about 2011 and more about all the years leading up to 2011. People that know me personally know that my husband and I recently transitioned from New York City back to Texas. Life was almost insane prior to, during, and immediately after our move, but now that the move is over, holidays have passed, and life has slowed down, I have the time to think about everything I have done, where my life is now, and where I am going.

Last night, over burgers and beers, Danny and I talked about people that have had an influence on our lives. By the end of our conversation, I was amazed at how many different people from different parts of our lives we could both name. It often feels that we are traveling our path alone and that we, alone, are the ones making the decisions that influence our lives. But after our talk last night, I realized this couldn’t be further from the truth. Some people have had very specific impacts on my life and others have had a more subtle influence. Either way, I have no idea what my life would be like without meeting these people.

I am not sure how to categorize “these people.” Titles vary from friends, previous bosses, mentors, colleagues, peers, strangers, and people I will never see again. Yet, these “people” have altered the course of my life, with most of them probably not even realizing the impact they have had. While I feel very lucky to have had these experiences, this also makes me stop and think that we need to be careful how we treat and talk to others. You never know when you will change someone’s path.

I don’t see these changes in our paths as positive or negative; they just are. They are how things have turned out. These changes make us the people we are now and the people we will become.

I am venturing into a new chapter in my life and I have no idea where my path is going to lead me. I am not sure whom I will meet along the way, but I am excited to see who crosses my path. While I venture down this path, I want to make sure to stop along the way and personally thank some of the people who have helped get me this far. I know my life would not be what is it today without the guidance of others. I’ll be one lucky girl if 2011 is even half as fantastic/interesting/challenging/exhausting/and all around wonderful as 2010.

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Erin said...

Very true sis.. It is amazing and also scary about how we can unknowingly effect someone. Be kind to others... that's what I try to do:)