Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My latest discovery: Oil and Cotton

Two weeks ago, I attend my 1st movie night, put on by my dear friend Sally Glass, at a wonderful venue called 'Oil and Cotton.' Oil and Cotton is a creative arts exchange that is located in the Bishop Arts district of downtown Dallas. One of the owners, Shannon Driscoll, was at the movie event and was as sweet as could be.

Oil and Cotton has a constant flow of art workshops ranging from glass cutting (I want to go!) to drawing and painting to basket making to music recording and mixing to children classes and on. The list is extensive. You can find specific information about the workshops that are offered here: Oil and Cotton Workshops. The workshops are open to the public and very reasonably priced. The venue where the workshops are held are worth a visit alone. The building is a beautiful, old, open space with exposed brick and high ceilings. The shelves are full of art and crafts for sale by workshop attendees.

After coming from NYC were space is limited and very expensive, I am ecstatic to discover a community arts organization, like 'Oil and Cotton.' We not only should, but we must support local arts venues, like 'Oil and Cotton.' So, get out there and let your inner artist shine through!

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