Friday, February 15, 2008

Rufus Wainwright Concert

What an amazing Valentine's Day! Danny, Dennis, Darien, and I went to the Rufus Wainwright concert last night. Sean Lennon opened the concert, but only played a few songs. We must not forget that this was Rufus' Concert, not Sean's. Rufus came out in a neon yellow suit that glowed in the dark. He sounded absolutely amazing. He played two sets and then came back out for the ultimate encore.

He brought out his sister (Martha Wainwright), mom (Kate Wainwright), and Sean Lennon to sing the first song of the encore. And what did they sing, none other then 'Across the Universe.' I can't even begin to describe how moved I was by this song. To hear Rufus AND Sean Lennon sing 'Across the Universe' together was surreal.

Rufus continued his encore by singing a song with his sister and mom. And then...all inhibitions were thrown into the wind. Rufus took off the white robe and was wearing heels and a black dress; his band returned dressed as nuns. The audience went crazy! All and all, the show was amazing and the perfect way to spend Valentine's Day. Enjoy the pictures from the show!!!

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