Sunday, March 30, 2008

City, City, New York City

I like the idea of including a new poem every week from The Random House Book of Poetry.  The poem for this week perfectly describes life in any big city.  So, here it is:
City, City
by Marci Ridlon

City, city,
Wrong and bad,
Looms above me,
When I'm sad,
Throws its shadow
On my care,
Sheds its poison
In my air,
Pounds me with its
Noisy fist,
Sprays me with its
Sooty mist.
Till, with sadness
On my face,
I long to live
Another place.


City, city
Shines around me
When I'm glad,
Lifts me with its
Strength and height,
Fills me with its
Sound and sight,
Takes me to its
Crowded heart,
Holds me so I
Won't depart.
Till, with gladness
On my face,
I wouldn't live
Another place.  

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