Friday, March 7, 2008

Leap with Both Feet

So, I JUST found out that one my pictures is posted on National Geographic's "Your Shot" page. I can't explain how excited I am that my picture was picked.  This also means that my photo has a chance to be featured in a National Geographic Magazine.  Thanks to everyone who voted!  You can still see my picture of you go to the link below and pick "March - Week 1" 

The image below is the picture that was picked for the website. 

On another note, I made the transition to a MacBook.  My laptop still worked alright, but it didn't stay open without tape.  I had pieces of white athletic tape holding my screen open.  After a few weeks, the tape would begin to slide and my monitor would, very slowly, begin to fall backwards.  I have to include a picture, because my computer looked so hilarious.

My laptop was very loyal to me for the last few years, especially after being dropped (twice), but it was time for an upgrade. I had never considered getting a Mac, until my brother got one for Christmas. It was then that I began to notice how many people had Macs!  I started asking around and everyone who had a Mac, swore by them.  I've only had my MacBook for a day, but I'm beginning to see why people love them so much.  So far, I really, really like my MacBook and am very impressed with all the features.  I can honestly say that I've happy with my switch from PC to Mac. 


Robyn said...

I think your Dad and I are going to have to look at a Mac...we are feeling very left out!!

Love the taped PC!

Robyn said...

Congrats on the pic in NG!!! It is a fabulous shot and with some really great company.